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    New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010


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    New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

    Post by nonfiction69 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:32 pm


    My name is Nev, I'm 28. I've been a fan of the music; still having my gear I ordered from the RR vol 1 cd inlet. The last CD I purchased was a DMX album 'Year of the Dog...Again' new in the bargain bin for $2--wicked deal. I'm not a big novel reader, 1 of the last 2 novels I've read in the last 10 years is the DMX autobiography EARL. I'd rather read science/car/bike mags, or MAD magazine.

    Looking to be involved with collective positivity. Letting my love for rap music, 'hi-risk' fun, community, and camaraderie come together. Being apart of a group I can have pride in, and having people around me that will challange me physically, mentally, and maybe even spiritually.

    I've been riding motorcycles since 99. My first being a 250 ninja. Right now I'm riding a 7r ninja with a Hindle slip on. My plan is to use this machine to progress my riding on the track. Right now it's a leisure ride. My car is a stock civic--just a reliable work vehicle(value purchase). I am a fan of Ford, having family including myself working at the St. Thomas, ON. assembly plant over the past 30 years+.

    I saw on the forum that during the Winter season, a day at the ski hill was planned for members. Snowboarding is another of my passions. I've been boarding goofy since 02, and last Jan I've become CASI(Can. Assoc. Snowboard Instructors) certified to teach snowboarding at a Level 1 skill level. There are 4 skill levels, and I plan to take the level 2 course this upcoming season. I just upgraded my setup last dec. 157W Burton Joystick v-rocker, Burton Triad ISC bindings, and Nitro boots. During the Winter season I mostly stay in Ontario/Quebec. My favorite place is Blue Mountain. I've yet to sample Calabogie Peak.

    For fun, I volunteer with the youth at the Boys & Girls Club. My duties are to interact, encourage, and keep the positive energy going. I enjoy the challenge, being a person the kids can look up to, as well as being an example for them.

    Currently I'm employed for the gov't in the IT sector as an analyst. I enjoy the technical challenge of it, and never gets stale.

    Interesting thing...At an annual work meeting, our director had given everyone a piece of a puzzle, and instructed to inscribe 2 things on it. "Family First" & "Personal Wellness" and to keep it as a reminder/motivator. Last week, I was watching the live ustream xxlmag interview with Styles P, and I asked him what his favourite quote is and he said "Family First". I think that is cool b/c from the boardroom to the streets--after all the ego n bullshit aside whats real is real.

    My personal belief is that...
    -"God is what You make it."
    -Treat others as you'd like to be treated-Golden Rule
    -The only thing you owe anyone is to be kind and honest

    I was raised a youth in the church, am currently non-religous. However, I'll never forget the basic values n morals I was taught; that transcend almost all religions. I did read that prospecting members should email with a brief entry, but figured that I've nothing to hide, so I'd post an intro prior.


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    Re: New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

    Post by 9Point on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:25 pm

    First off, welcome to the Ontario RR Forums.

    You say in your topic headline that you are a prospect and from the sounds of it you haven't been in touch with any of the members as of yet. Being a prospect with the aim of one day becoming a member is a privilige, not a right, and as such until you have been given the OK to prospect, you are considered a hang around.

    You say you work in St. Thomas, where do you live?

    Send an email to and someone will be in touch with you, but with Caribana in full effect it might take a few days.
    Ruff Ryder!
    Ruff Ryder!

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    Re: New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

    Post by SpecOp on Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:42 pm

    Well said 9point. Prospecting is a privilege.

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    Re: New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

    Post by nonfiction69 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:06 pm

    9Point n SpecOp, thanks for clarifying.

    So at this point, I'd just like to convo/socialize with other members. See if I proverbially 'fit in', n vice versa. Being the lack of posts, are y'all brothers still active?

    I'm in London.


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    Re: New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

    Post by Ty-gRR on Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:05 pm

    hey link me and i'll get you started if you pass the screening phase.


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    Re: New Prospect-Ontario chapter-July 29/2010

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